The main business of Koala concerns birds. But, you can always contact us for rodents or other small animals, like hamsters, mice, rabbits, squirrels, chinchillas. We supply almost all kinds of birds, like

Zebra finches (common type and big type), lovebirds (peach-faced, fisheri, personata), budgerigars (common and English budgerigars), Parrots, Cockatiels, Australian parakeets, (red-rumped, rosella, etc.) Rose-ringed parakeets, Pheasants (Lady Amherst, golden pheasant, etc), Finches (like Gouldian finches), Cross-breeds (like canary x goldfinch, canary x red-hooded siskin), etc. etc.

But our main specialty is Canaries. In 35 years, we’ve built a large network of Canary breeders that supply birds of high quality. This means we can not only supply different colors, but also several types of posture canaries. Canary-types we regularly have in stock, are:

Color bred Canaries, like : Yellow and mixed colors (green, brown, pied etc), red intensive, dominant and recessive white, lizard, mosaic (red-white-mosaic, yellow-white-mosaic etc), Isabel-series, Satinet-series, agate red-black-mosaic, agate opal, silver, phaeo, etc etc.

Posture Canaries (availability depends on the season), like: Dutch frilled, Parisian frilled, Waterslugger, Belgian, German crested, Scotch-fancy, Gloster (corona and consort), Fife-fancy, Raza Espanola, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Harzer, etc. etc. Please contact us for our current stock and price-list.