Traditionally, Koala is specialized in canaries. In 35 years, we’ve built a large network of Canary breeders that supply birds of high quality. This means we can not only supply different colors, but also several types of posture canaries. Canary-types we regularly have in stock, are:

Color bred Canaries, like : Yellow and mixed colors (green, brown, pied etc), red intensive, dominant and recessive white, lizard, mosaic (red-white-mosaic, yellow-white-mosaic etc), Isabel-series, Satinet-series, agate red-black-mosaic, agate opal, silver, phaeo, etc etc.

Posture Canaries (availability depends on the season), like: Dutch frilled, Parisian frilled, Waterslugger, Belgian, German crested, Scotch-fancy, Gloster (corona and consort), Fife-fancy, Raza Espanola, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Harzer, etc. etc. Please contact us for our current stock and price-list.