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Traditionally, Koala is specialized in canaries. In 35 years, we’ve built a large network of Canary breeders that supply birds of high quality. This means we can not only supply different colors, but also several types of posture canaries. Canary-types we regularly have in stock, are: Color bred Canaries, like : Yellow and mixed colors […]


You can contact us for several kinds of amazons, cockatoos, ecletus parrots and grey parrots. Besides the more common species like blue-fronted amazons we can also supply the more ‘special’ species like yellow-naped and double-yellow headed amazons. Normally both hand-feeded and wild birds can be supplied.


You can contact us for the more common species like the blue and gold macaw, greenwing macaw, scarlet macaw and several hybrid macaws and thanks to our extensive network of parrot breeders we can also supply the more rare species like for example the blue-throated macaw and hyacinth macaw. Normally we have both hand-feeded and […]

Pigeons, pheasants and ducks

Non-European dove-species like bleeding-heart doves, greenwinged doves and bronzewinged doves etc. can be supplied on a regular basis. On request we can also supply ducks, pheasants and several kinds of quails like crested quails or bobwhites.

Other species

Troughout the year, we have a nice collection in stock of a.o.: Several kinds of parakeets, like budgerigars, English budgerigars, cockatiels, rosella parakeets, barred parakeets, red-rumpeds, ringnecked parakeets etc. etc. Several kinds of lovebirds such as peach faced lovebirds (also special mutation colours), fisher’s lovebirds and black-masked lovebirds. Several kinds of lorikeets and conures such […]